Top Three Video Editing Tools To Use for Your Vlog Content

Top Three Video Editing Tools To Use for Your Vlog Content

Humans have always had the desire to share themselves with other people. It is part of our instinct to be in groups. There is safety in that notion, and we can also share resources. This is an age-old concept that has been around for a long time since it is part of our fight or flight response.

However, the sharing part comes with years of development. It promotes intimacy and camaraderie between people, which is why it is also considered as a need. People downgrade this one because it is just “emotion”, but we cannot survive without it.

As we are now living in modern life, you may have noticed that we are governed by another need. The internet was once just a simple project by the US Army to communicate with its troops. However, through the years, it transformed into a massive library of information which also acts as a gateway for communication.

Globalization would have never been possible without it and we will not have the technology that we enjoy today. We owe it to the internet that we are currently living in a technologically driven world. 

The Journey from Blog to Vlog

There are many ways people can express themselves now. For example, blogging has been the number 1 way of sharing their thoughts and feelings with other people. This is like a diary, but it is public and digital. It is easy to post it as well since many hosting websites became available during these times.

The rise of sites like Blogspot, Tumblr and WordPress has also led to a sort of revolution. People started writing and creating these blogs for fun, then the profit came next. However, everything changed with the introduction of YouTube.

YouTube’s video streaming service has taken over all of these sites for content. One of the main reasons why, is the ease of access. It is so much easier to just sit back and watch a video than reading an entire article. Even though there are still many people who like that, you cannot deny that most are visual and auditory when it comes to our learning styles. Therefore, videos are the perfect medium for creating content. 

At first, it was just so easy. You just need to have some sort of a camera or recorder and that’s it. You can easily post online. When YouTube opened the floodgates for advertisement, many people started their vlogs because of the possibility of earning money while making videos.

This has led to the popularity of many “Tubers” and created a worldwide phenomenon. On the other hand, the demand for high-quality videos also had risen. You cannot just talk and talk in front of the camera anymore. You need to have something that would entertain people even more.

If you want to start vlogging for fun or profit, you would need to have a great video editing software. As there are many choices in the market, we have narrowed it down so that it would be easier for you to choose. Below are some of our choices and reasons why you would want to use them.

The Choice You Make
  1. Adobe Premiere Pro – For the Elite

You may have already encountered this software before. It is the number one choice for many vloggers since it has a lot of features for its paid version. Adobe Premiere Pro can handle all kinds of resolutions from the simple 144p to the 4KHD.

It is so popular that it is even used in many movies that are being shown all around the world. You can do almost anything with your videos. It even includes a panel that lets you add special effects. If you want to have a more sleek and professional finish with your videos, then this should be your choice. You would get everything that you had paid for, and can even bolster your career if you are proficient with it.

However, one of its drawbacks is the price. At almost $21 per month, it can be quite heavy for someone who is just starting. It has a trial version, but it is only available for a limited time. Also, it can be difficult to use. You will need to learn from tutorials and other sources before you can master it and fully use its potential. 

If you are just going to use it for simple editing, then you might want to look for something else. On the other hand, if you want a movie-like product, then this one’s for you.

  • VideoProc – For the Advanced

This one is for those who are looking for the all-around video editor. One of the main features of this software is its flexibility. It can handle many kinds of video qualities and it can improve some of them.

For example, you may have raw footage taken from your phone. It can improve on that make it look even better with its editing functions. It can also handle 4K videos along with other video recording devices. As it can handle heavier files, it is also great for those who want to have longer videos.

Another great thing about this editor is it’s easier to learn. You can use it right after you download and you do not need a course for it. However, it would be helpful if you already have a background in video editing so that you can use it better.

  • Windows Movie Maker – For the Novices

You might think that this is a joke, but it’s true. Windows Movie Maker is still a respectable tool to use as a video editor. It can also be your gateway to start learning the basics of this skill. Most of the tools of other software can be traced back to this basic Windows application. However, it can only be used on Windows OS. As of recently, it has been pulled off from Windows’ support but it is a good tool for basic editing. If you want to start somewhere, then this is the best choice.