Should You Pay for Google Ads? Here are The Pros and Cons

Should You Pay for Google Ads? Here are The Pros and Cons

Google has been one of the most recognizable brands of the 21st century. From its humble beginnings in a garage, now it is a multibillion-dollar tech giant. When it comes to advancement in technology, their nearest competitors are Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon.

It is fascinating to think that a simple website that was made as a hub of information became an international brand. People from all over the world know what Google is, especially with its search engine of the same name. Aside from this, they are now offering other services like Adwords.

Adwords is their advertising body. It takes advantage of its search engine as a way for other companies to advertise their business. You might have seen examples of these while you are using Google search. Like say, you are searching for peanut butter. Even if you just want to see how to make your own, certain brands just appear on top of your search page. This is what Adwords can offer to companies: they can advertise using their search engine.

This particular Google service is also known as PPC or pay per click ads. It is as descriptive as it gets. You would need to bid for certain keywords in which your ad might appear. For example, you want your ad to appear every time someone searches for the words “peanut” and “spread”. Of course, you are not the only company that wants those words.

That’s why there is bidding involved. Your payment will depend on how much per click are you willing to pay for. Afterwhich, Google will decide who is the winner. On the other hand, you will be the one who will decide if you need it or not.

  1. Guaranteed Top Spot on Searches

One of the best things about Google Adwords is they can give you the top spot in any search based on your keyword. As we have mentioned before, Google just takes advantage of its site to the highest level. As long as you win in the bidding, you are now assured of that position that SEO followers can only dream about.

With SEO, it might take months or even years just to get on the front page of the internet. Adwords just need to know how much are you willing to spend and then they would give it to you. Of course, Google also has standards that you need to follow, but that is easier compared to months of building backlinks.

  • Easy to Use Platform

Another great thing about this service is the ease of access to all the necessary things you want for your business. Once you have decided on the keywords and your headlines, you just let Google do most of the work. Of course, there are still a lot of aspects that you need to oversee as it is your business. However, having this service is so much more convenient since you just need to have an up and running website. Also, Google is easy to contact and you won’t have to go through hoops just to get the service you want.

  • Access to Google Analytics

Lastly, one of their biggest strengths is its all-in-one package. Once you avail of one of their services, it is so easy to link up your existing and newer ones. Google Analytics is just one of them. It will show you how many clicks you have gotten over time and all other pertinent data that you need. This is great for those who want to have an instant result with their strategies. Using Adwords along with it, you can now easily measure whether your investment in this service has been effective or otherwise.


  1. Expensive for Small Businesses

Unfortunately, this service does have its flaws. During the early years, this was not an issue. The payment per click never got higher than a dollar. This was the time when almost any business can afford Adwords, but no one knew what it is. Also, some people were still skeptical if the internet is going to continue or it is just a craze. This is why it was more affordable. Nowadays, prices may range from $5.00 onwards. You might think that it’s just a small amount, but this is per click. If it adds up, it can get pricey. In most cases, and in the case of the men’s and women’s WeightLossCoach, obtaining organic rankings is a much better value compared to PPC.

  • Fierce Competition

This is also another factor that affected the price. As more companies availed of the service, it has also led to the scarcity of keywords. Only the biggest companies can handle such prices, and they are the ones who always win in the bidding. They have already established brands, and they can take control of any keyword that they like. How can a small business compete with that when even they are jacking up the prices to compete with one another? This has also led to the difficulty of other businesses to enter the top of the searches.

  • Not Meant for Your Business

Most importantly, this strategy might not be for you anyway. You might need to use something else if you want an effective marketing strategy. Don’t just rely on one just because it is the trend. Remember, all businesses are different from one another so try to do your research. Be prepared to follow it every step of the way, more especially with Adwords.

One small mistake can cost you a lot of money. There were even some cases where Google rejected its bid because of incorrect word spelling. Find the strategy that can work for you, and you will have a higher chance to find success.

Adwords might not be a new thing for most of you, but it would still be great to see if this can be possibly used for your organization. It is far from the foolproof strategy, but it has worked for some institutions and businesses. If you are looking for an easy way to the internet masses, then this can be your choice.  You just need to be wise about where you want to spend your money on.