Google Maps Optimization

Did you know that there are multiple ways to bring in leads using Google?

One search engine you should also be optimizing for is Google Maps – a close relative of Google. You must be thinking that they‘re the same. After all, it bears the same trade name. Allow us to clarify the subtle differences between the two SE’s for you.

The map may seem like just another tool used for the benefit of the King of Search Engines but even while it is, it still works as a search engine with a different purpose than its creator. Google Maps can be accessed via a different domain and it has its own search box. Thus, it is safe to say that it works using a different index or registry – maybe not separate from the main index, but with an isolated function nonetheless.

Google Maps deals with local queries that are affiliated with places, directions, and coordinates – just like any old map. It also works like a yellow page because it contains information about a business’s identity such as Name, Address, and Phone Numbers (NAP). On a more practical note, this nifty online map can also show the exact distance, time, and path a person can take to get to a certain location with a single search! Pretty neat, right?

But this isn’t just what makes Google Maps an object of interest for your SEO campaign.    

Just like any other search engine, Google Maps implores its own ranking criterion. It has its own set of rules, standards, and requirements for companies to follow in order to get featured on the first page results. All of these requirements we work to meet in order to have your website join the top tiers.

You may think, what’s in it for you when you rank GM; it’s still not Google – right?

While these two search engines may be working independently (using different indexes, to be precise), ranking Maps will considerably better your chances of making it to the front page of Google simply because the Maps is an integral source of information for the King of SE’s. If the Big G is to trust any other search engine as much as it trusts its own, it would be a search engine developed by the same imaginative minds behind Google. In other words, The Maps.

Do you see the connection?

More than just allowing users to find your company’s base of operations faster, optimizing your website to rank GM benefits your company’s SEO overall. It will feed Google with all the right information about your company and will improve the relationship your website has with the search engine – opening opportunities for your company to appear on the top of the SERPs. The team members that we have at the Las Vegas Web Design feels that a successful campaign comes down to optimizing all the local factors, not just including one optimization service only.


Is It Difficult To Rank On Google Maps?

As a search engine, GM heavily relies on the consistency of information the internet feeds it. In order to pinpoint your company’s location and to gather other unique information about your business, it looks through several thousands of sources online (e.g. yellow pages, reputable business listings, etc). It is only after it has done its thorough search that it is able to give accurate information to users about your business.

So to speak, difficult is not the exact term to use in this situation. Try challenging. Ranking GM requires skill and patience. In a single city, hundreds of businesses will be operating in the same industry as you. In a single country, thousands of businesses will be working in the same trade as you. Some companies may even share your company’s name or at least have a similar name as yours. It’s challenging to remain unique in a world that’s so competitive. So in order to distinguish yourself out of so many competitors, you have to make sure that you build your citations right, correct any err pertaining to your business information, and to raise brand awareness. It’s how much and how well you do this that’ll help you rank GM and ultimately, Google.

Do I Need To Rank On Google Maps?

Concentrating your SEO campaign on ranking search engines is a good thing – just don’t forget that there is more than one search engine to rank. Aside from Google, we have Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Ask, and many other search engines to dominate. Although the Big G continues to bag the number one spot among its competitors, it doesn’t dismiss the fact that many surfers use other search engines to attend to their queries as well. If you fail to broaden your foresight, then you will surely miss countless opportunities your company could’ve taken advantage of.

Ranking GM will help you garner more potential leads. The best part of it is that most of those leads may very well just grace you with a visit in the real world. When people search for a business’s location, there’s a good chance that they’re planning to stop by. Otherwise, why search for something so specific – right? You can utilize these chances to your advantage when you rank with top-tier businesses on Google Maps.

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