Can Deleting Visitor Comments Hurt Your Blog?

Can Deleting Visitor Comments Hurt Your Blog?

One of the most important inventions that mankind has ever developed is the internet. There is nothing else that has been more influential than this disembodied storage of information. You might argue that cars are more important, but they are not as extensive as the internet’s coverage. For one, you need roads so that vehicles can go through. There are still many people who do not own them, and even more for those who have never learned to use it. On the other hand, the internet has exploded out of its meager beginnings as a pet project of the military. Now, almost everybody has access to it.

This has led to what we can consider as a technological revolution. As more and more people gain access, businesses have started to take notice. Now, a lot of entities have been creating ways to keep them relevant in the digital world. Websites are being created by the minute, and everyone wants to be on top of the search pages. This is known as search engine optimization and has been useful in keeping people’s businesses online. It has also led to a lot of developments in other fields of study. However, there is one thing that has also gained notoriety over the internet.

Freedom of Speech and Expression

As humans, we all can form opinions about lots of things. Whether it is something as complex as politics or simple food choices, we tend to have something to say. The question of whether it is correct or otherwise is not the thing that matters here. It is about the idea that you can say what you want without any kind of repercussions. Of course, there is certain jurisdiction on this, and the articles of freedom of speech per country are not perfect. However, on the internet, it has become the rule. 

Now, this has also led to many businesses using their websites to reach their customers. It is so much easier since they just need to access the website to leave a comment. Some companies even link their official website to their social media pages. This has led to some of their successes in their various ventures. After all, you can now cater to an international audience, so more chances of gaining customers and profits.

Unfortunately, some comments can be a bit harsh. It is understandable, especially for a lot of brands and companies to receive them. Nobody is that perfect as with most of the products and services being offered. Based on statistics alone, you would surely receive a negative comment or two. The real question is: should you delete them? After all, you are trying to preserve the reputation of your business. These negative comments can potentially harm you.

Contrary to this opinion, it is highly discouraged to delete most of them. Some troll comments will always be there, but it is better to leave them. If you let visitors comment on your website, then it might be better to keep them as well. Here are some of the reasons why.

Don’t Delete, Just Moderate

  1. Gives a negative impression

Deleting comments is a duty that most site managers do need to do to keep these sections clean. However, if you just delete all the negative comments, then this is going to cause a negative reaction to your visitors. This sends a message that their opinions are not welcome. Just because they sound negative, that does not automatically hurt your brand. Automatically deleting them would just make your reputation worse.

  • Creates false sense of security

Leaving only all the positive comments is not a good thing as well. People would be distrustful of your website because that is just the instinct of most people. You need to be careful when dealing with anyone from the internet and that includes visiting websites. There are a lot of people who just read comments as well. This is their gauge whether the service or products that you are providing is useful. Contrary to what others believe as well, most internet users are not so gullible that their purchasing decisions will be influenced by a single negative comment.

  • Lowers your trust rating

As mentioned before, there is a reason why most internet users are not trusting of websites that delete comments, This makes them feel that you have something to hide. It would end up hurting the quality of the content that you are giving. Leave it to your users to judge what you can offer as they can make that decision for themselves. Deleting comments would just influence them more against you. 

  • Makes you look egotistical on the internet

Aside from the trust, another way that people on the internet can interpret this reaction is an egotistical

act. They would think that you are too perfect to even make mistakes, and that turns them away from you. No one likes to buy from someone who is too overconfident with themselves. Acceptance of error and doing something about it improves your image. Denying all of it would be so much easier, but it is going to negatively affect you in the long run.

  • Learn something from negative comments

Lastly, these negative comments have some truth in them. You can learn from these criticisms and make your company and your services better. Some managers just dismiss this as “hate speech” or “pointless” but there are reasons why they exist. Reading these and learning something from it would be better for your growth and development.

In the digital world, giving anonymous comments is one of the ways that people can communicate their grievances and problems. As a company, it is important to filter all of these so that only the relevant comments will be left on your site. However, don’t give in to the urge of deleting the negative ones only. Try to respond accordingly, even if it will take some of your time. Remember, these customers and commenters are  representation of your entire clientele. Angering one may affect a whole lot more, and deleting the comments will just make the situation worse.